Due to the pandemic and AAMC’s recommendation that all residency interviews be held virtually this year, our HOST Program is currently on pause. We hope to be able to resume the program in Fall 2022 in order to support our Class of 2023 MD students. Thank you for your understanding and support.

HOST (Help Our Students Travel)

The Feinberg HOST Program was created for our fourth-year medical students in order to decrease the cost and stress of traveling for their all-important residency interviews.

How It Works

  • Students who wish to participate in the HOST program search our online database where they can select participating alumni hosts, who will then receive an electronic request with details about the student’s travel dates and requested services. When the alumna/us confirms the request, the student receives her/his contact information in order to connect directly and solidify details of the visit.

  • Alumni indicate which services they would like to provide, which can include housing, transportation to/from the airport and/or interview, a tour of the area, a meeting in person or via phone/Skype to answer questions about residencies, specialties, local medical community, or introduction to other medical colleagues.

  • Even if the student is not traveling to a particular city for a residency interview, s/he can still request a phone call or Skype conversation with an alumna/us who is an expert in a particular medical specialty of interest.

  • If you already have an account for the Northwestern Network Mentoring Program or NEXT, sign in with your existing account information.

We encourage all Northwestern M4s to take advantage of this fantastic new resource...and to provide the opportunity to other students as an alumni host after they graduate.

“The HOST program made traveling to the Bay Area much more accessible. With all of the costs associated with interview season, including flights, hotels, transportation, etc., it was amazing to be able to stay in a comfortable apartment for free. The HOST program also has the added benefit of connecting students with Feinberg alumni who can give insight into different training programs, as well as recommend good places to eat and where to explore. I am so grateful for this wonderful resource!”

— Alexa Monroy, ’17 MD