A Venn diagram with an orange circle including a older Black man's face on the left side, a blue circle with a younger Black man's face on the left side, and the word ALL in the middle, joining section which is green.

ALL Are Welcome

The Affinity Leaders and Learners (ALL) Mentorship Program is an identity-based mentorship program that connects Northwestern students to alumni leaders.

About the Program

A complement to the broader Northwestern Network Mentorship Program (NNMP), the ALL Program strives to create a more tailored mentorship experience for students. The program fosters a more personal, impactful relationship for those who may prefer to connect with someone who looks like them or who has similar career or life experiences.

The ALL program reviews applications and carefully partners students and alumni based on common criteria and interests, making it easy for students to find a meaningful mentor relationship. Each mentor pairing lasts for 4 months, from February to June, and provides community-based opportunities to learn and share together through mentor circles, panel discussions, networking mixers, and more.

ALL participants can join the NNMP program simultaneously.

Affinity Club Partners

Established in 2020, the ALL Program was created in partnership with the Northwestern University Black Alumni Association (NUBAA), the Northwestern University Asian and Asian American Alumni Association (NU-A5), and Northwestern University Pride Alumni Club (NUPAC). Latino Alumni of Northwestern University (LANU) joined the program in 2021 and Northwestern University Muslim Alumni (NUMA) joined in 2022.

ALL Program partners were selected based on each affinity club’s bandwidth to support Northwestern Alumni Association (NAA) staff in brainstorming, research, and program development. We hope to extend the program to include more identity-based groups in the future.

If you are a member of another NAA club that is interested in participating, please fill out this form so we can track your interest. Explore the full list of our affinity clubs and their contact information.