Code of Conduct


Thank you for serving as a volunteer for the Northwestern Network. Program participants must read and agree to comply with the Code of Conduct in order to be eligible to participate in the Northwestern Network. To help ensure that the program experience is meaningful and productive for participants, it is important that you understand that as a participant, you are expected to commit to the following Code of Conduct:
  • Appropriate Behavior: Any behavior deemed inconsistent with the goals and objectives of the program, the Northwestern Alumni Association (NAA), or Northwestern University, or that otherwise violates any applicable University policy, may result in removal from the Northwestern Network indefinitely.
  • Meeting Commitment: You agree to promptly respond to requests for meetings from your mentor/mentee or host/extern and carry out commitments that you make to meet with students/alumni or, if necessary, reschedule. In-person meetings (which are not required) must be held in public spaces – conference rooms, coffee shops, classrooms, etc. - to ensure the comfort and safety of student and alumni participants.
  • Your Profile: You agree to promptly complete and maintain your online profile, including the times when you are available to meet with students or alumni and the types of meetings you are willing to undertake.
  • Confidentiality: All interactions with your mentor/mentee or host/extern should be treated as confidential, unless otherwise agreed to or unless disclosure is necessary to report a violation of these rules. Your conversations should never be repeated to outside parties, and information shared during your interactions or online exchanges must be kept between the two of you (or between participants in your Mentorship Circle). Any further disclosures of information about a participant should only be made with that participant’s consent.
  • Using Program Resources: Familiarize yourself with the Northwestern Mentorship Program website ( and the Northwestern Externship Program website ( specifically the Resources Tab, which offers a number of different resources and materials to help you take full advantage of both programs.
  • Transportation Safety: If you drive your mentor/mentee or host/extern in a car, you understand that you assume personal responsibility for the safety of yourself and your passengers. You understand that the University bears no liability for use of personal vehicles.
  • Resignation: If and when you are no longer able to participate in the Northwestern Network Mentorship Program, you agree to alert the program administrator of this fact so that your profile can be removed from the online portal. Email to be removed from the Northwestern Mentorship Program and to be removed from the Northwestern Externship Program.
  • Appropriate Use of the Online Portal: The Northwestern Network Online Portal contains personal alumni and student profiles and messaging functions. You agree to use these messaging functions only to post, send and receive messages containing material that is appropriate. By way of examples, you agree that when using the Northwestern Network Online Portal you will not do certain things, including but not limited to the following: A. Use the messaging functions to distribute or promote spam or any duplicative or unsolicited messages. B. Harass, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights of others. C. Post or distribute any inappropriate or obscene topic, material or information. D. Harvest or otherwise collect information about others, including phone numbers and email addresses. E. Create a false identity or profile for the purpose of misleading others. F. Interfere with or disrupt the service or networks connected to the service.
  • Discrimination and Harassment: Program participants must agree to abide by Northwestern University's Policy on Discrimination and Harassment, which can be found here.
  • Code of Conduct Changes: Although most changes are likely to be minor, Northwestern University Alumni Association may change its Code of Conduct for the Northwestern Network from time to time, and in Northwestern University Alumni Association’s sole discretion. Northwestern University Alumni Association encourages participants to frequently check this page for any changes to its Code of Conduct for the Northwestern Network. Your continued participation in the Northwestern Network after any change in the Code of Conduct for the program will constitute your acceptance of such change.
  • Violation of Code of Conduct: By joining the Northwestern Network, you are agreeing to this Code of Conduct for the program. Any violations of the Code of Conduct may result in immediate dismissal from the program indefinitely.
  • Report Violations: Please report any violations of the Code of Conduct to
I acknowledge and agree to this Code of Conduct to be a participant in the Northwestern Network.

Updated as of December 1, 2016