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Sample Virtual Externship Itineraries

Curious what a virtual externship could look like? Check out these sample itineraries of how a virtual externship day can be scheduled.

Introductory Email (Virtual)

Students participating in a virtual externship, here's what to include in your first email to your host after matching.

NEXT Student Training Session PowerPoint Presentation (Virtual)

Use the PowerPoint presentation that the NAA and NCA used during the NEXT Student Training Session to get a better understanding of how to prepare for your virtual externship.

NEXT Ice Breakers

Not sure what to talk about during your virtual externship? Use this set of questions to help break the ice!

Career Exploration: Questions to Ask Your Host

Ready to deep dive into exploring potential career paths? Use this handout to guide a conversation with your host about exploring career fit, how to prepare for a career in a specific industry, and more.