Virtual Heart-to-Hearts

This popular new program connects alumni physicians with our current MD students who are seeking to learn about your career path, medical specialty, and other areas of expertise that you would like to share. By finding time for a 15-30 minute chat, you can make a meaningful difference to a future Feinberg physician, as well as learn about our students and the current state of your medical alma mater.

How It Works

  • All Feinberg MD alumni are enthusiastically invited to join our Virtual Heart-to-Hearts program.

  • Alumni volunteers register and indicate various topics they would be happy to discuss with students. For example: My medical specialty; Choosing a specialty; The residency program I attended; Residency applications; Preparing for residency interviews; Residency interviews at my current practice site or city; The community in which I live; Other topics of your choice.

  • MD students search our VHTH database of alumni volunteers, and request informal conversations with alumni physicians they would like to learn from.

  • Alumni and students identify a convenient time for their discussion, which can be held as a video conference on the VHTH platform, a phone call, or Zoom.

  • Virtual Heart-to-Hearts are typically 15-30 minutes in length, but can be any length you wish. They can be one-off conversations or multiple discussions that develop a long-term mentoring relationship.

We are excited to welcome you to our Virtual Heart-to-Hearts program. Thank you so very much for supporting our wonderful medical students!

Learn more about how it got started.

“I loved being able to connect with the students during such an uncertain and stressful time. This was a small way I could help answer questions and hopefully relieve some anxiety about choosing a specialty and moving onto residency.”

— Emily Jones, ’08 MD, ’11 GME, assistant professor of Medicine and of Orthopedic Surgery