Virtual Heart-to-Hearts

Our Virtual Heart-to-Hearts program was originally created for our rising M4 students during the pandemic when their rotations were temporarily paused, and is now available to all Feinberg MD students throughout the year.

How It Works

  • Feinberg MD students are encouraged to register and utilize this tremendous resource throughout their MD studies.

  • Alumni volunteers provide several topics they would be happy to discuss with students: 
    My medical specialty; Choosing a specialty; The residency program I attended; Residency applications; Preparing for residency interviews; Residency interviews at my current practice site or city; The community in which I live; Other topics suggested by the alum.

  • Students search our VHTH database of alumni volunteers, and request informal conversations with alumni physicians they would like to learn from.

  • Alumni and students identify a convenient time for their discussion, which can be held as a video conference on the VHTH website platform.

We encourage all Northwestern MD Students to take advantage of this fantastic new resource.

“The Virtual Heart-to-Heart gave me confidence and courage in my choice of specialty. It was a wonderful opportunity to talk honestly to someone about their experiences and feel comfortable asking personal questions.”

 “Fantastic opportunity. Really helped me solidify my career interest.”

 “The program is amazing! I had three "heart-to-heart" conversations, and these helped me to really learn more about myself and explore interests.”

 “I was able to learn more about different specialties and learned a little bit about medicine outside of academics.”

 “My meeting was super helpful in getting some general advice for starting medical school. I also feel like I made a good research contact.”