Dinner with Twelve is a long-running program that connects alumni and students in a convivial setting. Alumni choose to host a dinner in their home or at a restaurant for 6 to 12 students during the school year, in Evanston or the Chicago area. In the summer, guests can include alumni as well, and dinners can take place in Evanston, Chicago, and other cities.

The dinners are organized on a particular weekend (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) and hosts select the day of that weekend which best suits their schedule.

The next Dinner with Twelve will take place in February 2020. Stay tuned for exact dates.

Alumni Hosts

  • Alumni hosts cover the cost of the meal. It can be anything from an informal get-together around the table to a more elaborate meal; it’s up to you.
  • Alumni agree not to serve alcohol at dinners that students will be attending.
  • If you are unable to host a dinner this year but interested in participating in the future, please contact Lucie Sandel at lucie.sandel@northwestern.edu.
  • If you registered for Dinner with Twelve last year, please note that you will need to log in to access, review, and register your dinner for this year’s program.
  • If you don’t remember which email address you used to log in last year, please email careers@northwestern.edu.

Student Guests

  • If you can participate on multiple days, select all of them on the form, as it makes it easier to match you.
  • If you are matched with a dinner and realize you cannot participate, call or text your host, since they may not check their email.
  • Have you attended a Dinner with Twelve in the past? Volunteer to be a student host by emailing lucie.sandel@northwestern.edu. Student hosts help organize the student groups going to the dinners (selecting a gathering site for Uber/Lyft—note that the Alumni Association pays for Uber/Lyft/CTA in the fall and winter Dinner with Twelve sessions—bringing swag to the event, etc.)
  • If you’re already a member of the Mentorship Program, you will log in using the same credentials and create a profile within the Dinner with Twelve space.