Student Host Task List

Read through the instructions below
 Take note of your assigned dinner(s).
 Make travel arrangements and set meeting time with your group.

Upon Confirmation of Your Dinner(s):
*You will receive an email when you are matched to a dinner (or dinners). This email outlines all of the details of your dinner. Your alumni host and student guests will be getting a very similar email but we would still like our student hosts to do the following.
 Email your host(s) to confirm logistics and introduce yourself as the student host for their dinner (you can find their email address on their profile page). Get their phone number so you can call them if needed. Please do this as soon as you receive your dinner information.
 Contact your dinner group with a message through the website as soon as you receive your dinner information:
o Share transportation logistics, including the pre-dinner meeting time, which you will decide.
o Let students know that they can update their dietary restrictions and pet allergies on their profiles.
o Confirm 2-3 students who are comfortable requesting an Uber/Lyft, if this is necessary for your group.
o Ask if students need to be back on campus at a certain time.
o Remind students that they are NOT to accept alcohol, even if offered and even if they are over 21.
o Let students know that they need to rsvp (yes or no) before Sunday, February 23 at midnight.
o Students will be confirming their rsvp, whether they are attending or not, within the website so you do not need to keep track of this information.
 If a student cancels, we will place another student in your dinner from the waitlist and that student will automatically be notified to rsvp. We will continue to place students in dinners with spaces left until we fill all of the dinners.

The Week before Your Dinner:
 Pick up your dinner packet at the JEC. You can pick up your packet during the following times:
o Dates and times will be available closer to the event.

Tuesday the Week of Your Dinner:
 Call your host(s) to confirm dinner logistics and update them on any changes from your group’s guest list. Encourage them to reach out to their guests through the website to let them know how excited they are to host them for dinner (this will help student guests feel more comfortable and also should decrease the number of students who cancel or don’t show up). The alumni hosts have access to the guest list on the website but if anything changes throughout the week, they appreciate the updates.
 Contact your student participants through the website to remind them of dinner logistics, meeting time and location, and attire.

Day before Your Dinner:
 Text or Facebook message your student participants as a final reminder with dinner date, and meeting time and location. Have each student confirm with you one last time that they will be attending the dinner.
 Confirm who in your group will be requesting the Ubers/Lyfts to and from dinner (if applicable).

Day of Your Dinner:
Before the Dinner

 Take note of attendees and make a note to email Lucie if someone cancels last minute.
 If you are running late or any student cancels, please call your host.
 While traveling, think of your goals for the dinner and brainstorm questions to ask the alumni host(s).
 Go over proper etiquette and rules with your group, reminding them of appropriate cell phone usage.

At the Dinner
 Hand gift to host(s).
 Remember NOT to accept alcohol at the dinner, even if you are over 21.
 Offer to help host(s) with dinner preparation or clean up.
 Take photos for the NAA.
 If student guests need to leave by a certain time, politely remind your host(s).

After the Dinner
 Have all student participants sign the thank you note.

Monday after Your Dinner:
 Email Lucie ( if someone did not attend your dinner.
 Mail thank you note to host.
 Email dinner photos to
 Fill out survey that NAA Careers sends you.
 Email your dinner group to encourage them to take the survey NAA Careers sends them.

Uber/Lyft Reimbursement Policy (please do not use your own vehicle as we cannot insure your passengers in case of an accident)
1. You should have two members of your dinner group who have been designated to request the Ubers/Lyfts. Student hosts are responsible for finding these two students (one of which can be the student host).
o Meet your student group in one central location to request the Uber(s) together. You should all be picked up and dropped off at one location.
o Please be as reasonable with the request as possible. For example, if you have a group of eight, request two Uber X’s. If you have a group of nine, request one Uber X and one Uber XL.
2. You will have 2-3 reimbursement forms from the NAA in your student host folder.
3. Students must send their reimbursement form (with their full name, street address, and signature) and their Uber receipts in one PDF document to Lucie Sandel ( at the NAA by Wednesday, March 4th at 4 p.m.

Please note that we will do everything we can to reimburse you for your Uber ride as promptly as possible. Please submit your receipt and form by the Wednesday following the dinners and staff will reach out to you when your check is ready to be picked up. If you do not get the proper documentation to the NAA before Wednesday, March 4th at 4 p.m., we cannot guarantee that we will be able to reimburse you.

In Case of Emergency:
Call or text Lucie Sandel (773-307-5132).