Due to the pandemic and AAMC’s recommendation that all residency interviews be held virtually this year, our HOST Program is currently on pause. Thank you for your understanding and support.

HOST (Help Our Students Travel)

The Feinberg HOST program connects our medical alumni with fourth-year MD students as they begin their long-anticipated interview season, typically between October and January.

The cost of medical education is growing and medical student debt has become a national issue. One of the ways in which alumni can help is by participating in the HOST program. Alumni hosts help offset the financial burden and stress of traveling for residency interviews by offering students free housing, meals, and/or transportation, as well as invaluable advice about the community in which they are interviewing.

For Alumni

Alumni indicate which services they would like to provide, which can include housing, transportation to/from the airport and/or interview, a tour of the area, a meeting in person or via phone/Skype to answer questions about residencies, specialties, local medical community, or introduction to other medical colleagues.

For Students

M4 students search our database of available volunteer alumni hosts, and request a host in the area(s) they are visiting for residency interviews. The alumni host receives an email notification of the request and either accepts or declines the request. Once a match is confirmed, the student receives contact information for the alumni host, and contacts the host to confirm details of her/his visit.

Since alumni host profiles include their medical specialty, a student can also request a phone call or Skype appointment with alumni in cities other than the ones they are visiting, if the alumna/us indicates that this is one of the services s/he is willing to provide.