Alexandra Pollack ’13 credits the Northwestern network with helping her break into the investment management industry. Via LinkedIn, Pollack connected with an alumnus from 1976 who played an important role in her most recent job search that concluded with securing a position at Northern Trust in Chicago.

Since joining the Northwestern Network Mentorship Program, Pollack has mentored several students including Alice Zhu ’19, who is interested in a career in the financial industry. Every few months, Pollack and Zhu meet in person or online to talk about classes, resume preparation, summer internships, and interviewing strategies. Pollack has advised Zhu to take the time to get to know her professors and to start networking early—advice that would have been welcomed when she was a student.

For Pollack, being a mentor has also benefitted her personally. “By giving advice, I’m forced to think about it myself and reflect on my own career path and experiences.” And when the time is right, she hopes to have her own mentor from the program. “Mentoring is a full-circle program. By being in both roles, I can benefit from all aspects of the process.”

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Wildcat of the Week: Alexandra Pollack ’13