The Mentorship Program is a separate program from NEXT, though registering for both programs is simple.

The Northwestern Network Mentorship Program is an easy-to-use online platform designed to cultivate meaningful mentorship opportunities within the global Northwestern community.

  • Who is eligible to join the Northwestern Network Mentorship Program? The program is open to students and alumni from all class years, programs, and schools. Alumni have the option of participating as a mentor, mentee, or both at the same time. Students may participate as mentees. Watch the program’s intro video to learn more.

  • What’s the time commitment? Completing a profile takes about 10-15 minutes. The program is designed to be flexible, so mentors and mentees can decide how often they want to meet and the duration of their relationship.

  • When do I need to sign up by? The Mentorship Program is an on-demand program with no formal start and stop dates. You can register for the program at any time and choose to pause or end your participation at any time.

  • How does it work? Student and alumni mentees will use the platform to search for a mentor who best matches their current and future professional goals and submit a request to work with a prospective mentor. Alumni mentors may either accept or decline a mentorship request. If the request is accepted, the mentor and mentee can connect via the platform. Learn more on the Mentorship Program website.

  • Can I participate in both NEXT and the Mentorship Program? Yes, absolutely. NEXT and the Mentorship Platform use the same platform to connect participants. You can register for each program and use the platform to seamlessly participate in both programs.

  • How do I register for the Mentorship Program? Register here!